About me

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In 2006, I founded Flow UK, with Mark Stevenson, a consultancy working for cultural, educational, science/environment and technology organisations. My main expertise is in learning and digital strategies for the cultural sector. Flow has now expanded internationally, particularly in India.

Before Flow, I was head of learning at the British Library for 5 years, and in the 90s I was education officer for Tate in London. These, and some shorter experiences in setting up cultural programmes, have provided a sound base of knowledge for my consultancy.

My childhood was in Norfolk, most of it spent in a small village on the Broads, with a near self-sufficient garden and a little sailing boat. I was lucky enough to have creative parents and had tools for creativity always at my fingertips, as well as easy access to the natural world. The natural world and a life defined by creative practice are still very much inside me, although I’m very dedicated to my company and my urban community in London.¬†

Because I have these different dimensions, as we’re all pretty complex, I felt it would be useful to make a simple website leading you to places where you can find more in each area.

The simple condensed version of my story, as it unfolds daily, is on Twitter as @bridgetmck

Feel free to get in touch with me on bridget.mckenzie@flowassociates.com


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