Climate Museum UK



I’ve founded  an experimental distributed museum stirring and collecting creative responses to the climate and ecological emergency. It supports organisations to explore climate change and related issues in ways that help their communities to learn, create and take positive action. In turn, workers will be more able to continue engaging with climate change in ways that are relevant to their purpose and context.

This builds on and supports projects I’ve been developing for some years, including:

  • Everyday Ecocide: Challenging an ecocidal mindset in our media and culture, including denial and erasure of climate change
  • Beuysterous: Promoting creative activism for trees and forests, as protecting and planting forests are key to climate action
  • Possible Culture: Resources, training and conference speaking – for cultural organisations to anticipate future environmental and social challenges.

I’ve also co-founded Culture Declares Emergency, working with others to encourage artists and cultural organisations to declare a climate and ecological emergency.


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