Everyday Ecocide


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I believe that a fundamental problem is that we have lost connection with an ecological way of knowing, as a result of extractive global systems of economy and society. We ARE part of nature, so strictly speaking we have not lost connection with nature. Our current way of knowing is all about having, extracting, consuming and wasting, rather than being, gifting, creating and regenerating.

To try to counter this mindset, I’ve set up a project called Everyday Ecocide.

You’ve heard of the Everyday Sexism project? Inspired by this, Everyday Ecocide highlights how our everyday thinking and communications are blind to the environment. By neglecting to include and value what is other-than-human, we not only fail to notice its damage and depletion, we contribute to it. Ecocide means the destruction of the natural environment. This group aims to highlight incidents in media, institutions or everyday society, of forgetting or obscuring of ecosystems, biodiversity, non-human persons, the importance of climate change, or ecological solutions.

It’s most active as a Facebook group. Please join, post and share.