Creative work


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I try to make time for creativity, either alone or with others. I make photographs, paintings, poems, songs and creative projects.

I’ve put together a site called Graftage to share my poems with my images. I’ve also written quite a few pieces of creative non-fiction, some of which have been published by the Dark Mountain project, in several books and on blogs.

You can see my photos here on Flickr and I’m also on Instagram, for a shortcut to some of the most visually strong, see my portfolio sets.

I enjoy singing and guitar-playing, performing at an open mic every fortnight.

I like to organise creative projects. In 2015, I delivered Lighthouse Songs, enabling children to create and perform songs as part of a concert to celebrate Orford Lighthouse (which is threatened by rising seas). More locally, I help the Hill Station curate art projects, such as Underhillians, and I’ve helped organise the Garlick Man and Night of the Beasts solstice parades. I also do projects together with my family, such as an installation on tree diseases called Fruiting Bodies.

I run a web-based campaign called Beuysterous, encouraging creative actions for trees and forests. At first, I set up some mass actions such as Tree Love Week, but now review exhibitions and artworks about trees and ecology, and keep a Pinterest board and Facebook group going.

Now, all this creative activism is becoming more focused on the climate emergency, so I’m now developing the vision for the Climate Museum UK.

Apart from all these activities, and more, I find creativity in everything I do, whether it’s work, supporting other organisations or travelling.



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