Thrivable Culture


2011-07-24 17.33.16

What really drives me is the wish to see a more Thrivable Culture. I believe that ‘Cultural’ opportunities help people, places and planet thrive, and that in turn, a thriving world allows rich and diverse ‘cultures’ to grow. By ‘Cultural opportunities’ I mean a very broad set of things – having freedom and resources to learn and enquire, to cherish our shared heritage, to express feelings, be imaginative, make things and innovate for the future. This contributes to wellbeing in the wider ‘culture’ – in all the ways we communicate, celebrate, critique and create as a society.

This lies at the root of what I do as Director of Flow Associates, and you can read more about our approach here. It also informs a lot of my writing and speaking, for example, this article on the Sociocratic Museum.

I also get involved in more personal projects, some ongoing and some temporary, some local and some web-based, some art-focused and some more political. Here are some examples:

Beuysterous: It’s about sharing artistic actions to do with trees, that will help people and places be resilient (or creatively boisterous) in the face of climate change. It’s also about promoting the work of artists and exhibitions that deal with trees and forests. You can see more on this website and Like the page on Facebook. 

Fossil Free Culture: I’m a supporter of the Art Not Oil Coalition, and on the advisory group of Culture Unstained. Read this blogpost to understand why I believe cultural organisations should not be sponsored by fossil fuel companies. And here are a set of tools I’ve produced to help cultural organisations transition beyond fossil fuels and engage with the wider ecological and economic crisis.

Remembrance Day for Lost Species: Lest we forget, 3 species are lost to eternity every hour. This annual event calls upon people everywhere to hold creative acts of remembrance on 30th November. I’m also a trustee of ONCA, an arts and ecology organisation based in Brighton that plays an active role in Lost Species day.



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